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About us

HEAT IN A CLICK  is a re-usable and portable Heat Pad, based on a non- toxic solution called Sodium Acetate.

products are suitable for a variety of medical and non -medical uses, our product
Range is used widely within the demanding orthopaedics, and paediatrics sectors also many People depend on our products in the special heating purposes arena, i.e. hand warmer, baby Bottle warmer, back pain, sport injury and much more.

pads reach a temperature of 54.c (130.F) in seconds. “Heat in a Click quality

Products are safe, durable, reliable and non -toxic, this makes our products a real market leader and Ideal for many uses”. Our products are reusable 1000’s of times, proving an economical solution For personal or commercial use.

– Easy, Safe and Reusable.

HEAT IN A CLICK is the worldwide industry leader in re -usable instant heat products and this shows in our growth as we now have over 200 distributors worldwide and we are still growing. Our customer service policy is simple the “best quality at a competitive price”. We put a lot of effort into Market research and product development this ensures our place as the trendsetter in this product category; thus, we're able to launch new products every six months. We give our clients the highest level of service and believe in long-term co-operation that’s why we listen to our customers’ needs this helps us to learn what you need when you need it this helps to ensure that each side benefits and prospers from joint commutation and cooperation. Our products are marketed in 17 deferent countries so we understand market trends both large And small.

HEAT IN A CLICK is ready to manufacture individual products and designs in any size
Shape and colour to your OEM requirements and specific market needs. Talk to us about our Custom packaging and design we can accommodate your requirements however large or small.

HEAT IN A CLICK website showcases our range, however if you require a tailored item
Or would like more detailed information or a quotation for any of our product range then call our Sales hotline or drop us an email, even better if you want to make an appointment we would be Happy to meet with you face to face and discuss your needs.